IMG_0134Treatments available

Jane uses ayurveda to compliment her therapeutic yoga teaching  and often will suggest dietary changes or treatments as a matter of course to help with particular conditions

It is best if you have had a one to one consultation first so that you can be given appropriate supplementary treatments. Please note that this is not done as an a la carte treatment selection, some of the treatments may not be suitable for you  in your current physical/mental state.


Full body massage with medicated oils appropriate to condition. This may be vigourous or slow and more gentle depending on the individual .


Third eye oil stream. A continuous stream of warm medicated oil is administered from a special copper vessel onto the forehead. It is deeply relaxing and calming  and very helpful for anxiety.


Third eye milk stream. A continuous stream of herb  medicated organic warmed milk is used in the same way but is lighter and more cooling in effect than sirodhara.


Herb filled  cotton bags  are heated and the body is massaged them,either topically or all over depending on desired effect.

One to one consultation

Jane will give dietary and lifestyle advice  to help you balance your constitution and support your yoga practice.